Pain and Role of Medications


Medications should improve function


Medications are only part of a good management plan


All medications should be reviewed regularly

In this episode, you will learn that medications are only part of a good pain management plan. Certainly, long term use of a number of pain medications have been found to be ineffective in controlling the intensity of pain you experience. All medications need to be reviewed regularly to ensure there is a benefit to your function and quality of life. Some people may benefit from long term medication use, but usually other strategies are required to support this. If you plan to reduce your medication, discuss this with your GP as other pain management techniques may be required to assist you through this process.

Please note: This website has relevance to those with cancer pain or receiving palliative or residential care management. However, opiates may have a larger role to play in the management of chronic pain for these people.

At the end of the video, fill out the health plan and talk to your GP, build your healthcare team and get started!

Health Plan
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