Episode2 Feedback

This is the end of Episode 2!

It is hoped that you have gained more information about the importance of physical activity, activity plans, goal setting, and managing a flare up.

In particular you should have a better understanding about:

  • How it is important to recognise your reasons for changing or improving physical activity levels
  • How progress can be monitored and rewarded
  • How there are many benefits from physical activity
  • How physical activity goals should be SMART
  • How physical activity can be gradually increased and upgraded
  • How flare-ups are normal and can be managed
  • How using planned strategies helps you stay on track

You should also have developed some skills in:

  • Understanding your reasons for improving current physical activity levels
  • Identifying how you will measure and  reward achievement
  • Identifying the benefits of physical activity for you
  • Recognising your current levels of physical activity on a usual day
  • Identifying physical activities you can do and measure
  • Creating a SMART goal for physical activity
  • Identifying physical activities that involve family and friends

Take a break now, and take some time to think about what you can do to make your experience of managing pain better. We would like to know if you found the information in this episode useful, so please fill in the feedback  questions below. Thank you!