Episode5 Segment 3 - What will I do when I get pain at school?

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Use pain
at school

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When you get pain, it is important to use the pain management techniques that work for you, and use them when you first start to get pain or even before. For example, you could use some relaxation exercises or techniques such as distraction or even mindfulness (e.g. body-scanning, focussed breathing). The regular use of relaxation and distraction techniques at recess and in spare periods, even when no pain is present, may help to prevent flare-ups.

If you wish to learn more about these techniques you could go later to Episode 4 : Pain and Mind-Body Connection. These techniques are not disruptive to class mates or the teacher and can be used in the classroom, in sick bay, or in the library. No one will even know you are doing them. Early signs of pain may also be a reminder for you to use activity pacing techniques that you could learn more about in Episode 2 : Pain and Physical Activity.

What will I do when I get pain at school?


Listed below are some distraction techniques that can be used when you have pain while you are at school. Click each technique to read more information.


Deep breathing


Alphabet challenge

Listen to music

Audio books


Tapping fingers

Drawing/ Doodling

Craft or models

Walking and talking




Stress ball



Imagination walks


What’s in my world?

User Activity

This activity is about choosing techniques that you can use at school when you have pain.


From the activities above, type the distraction techniques you think you could use at school, into the box below. List them in order of your most preferred to least preferred. Once you have finished, print off the page

Distraction techniques I could use are: