Episode5 Segment 1 - School can be challenging

Fast Fact 1

Attending and succeeding at school is possible, even if you have pain

Fast Fact 2

Strategies can be developed to better manage the school environment

Pain makes school difficult

Even if you enjoy school, having pain can make it challenging. For instance, there’s having to deal with the physical environment. When you have pain or an illness it can be difficult getting to, moving around, and being in the school environment. You may have to catch a bus, stand or sit for long periods of time, walk up and down stairs, lift things out of a locker, walk around without getting knocked or bumped, and participate in sport.

There’s also the social interactions. As your friends and teachers are not able to see your pain, they  may sometimes not understand or doubt you. A lack of understanding and education about your pain may result in you feeling a bit different, self-conscious, lonely, or sad. Other times you might feel frustrated, angry, or irritated.

There’s also the learning environment. Having chronic pain doesn’t make you more or less intelligent, but it can make it harder to concentrate. Sleeping well the night before is important to give you as much energy as possible.

What is important to remember is that while school can be challenging when you have pain, it is still a place where you can learn, achieve lots of things, and spend time with friends. With the help of your family, friends, teachers, and health care providers, you can plan and use strategies that will assist you in dealing with the physical, learning, and social environments of school. This episode is about giving you some information to help you start the process.

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Listed below are some ways in which chronic pain can make school challenging.


Tick the boxes that apply to you and type in other challenges that you face at school.

I often feel too tired in the morning to attend school because of a bad night’s sleep.

I have difficulty keeping up with school work due to poor concentration and pain.

I have difficulty doing homework due to my pain and feeling tired.

I am too tired to stay awake for the whole day.

It is too painful to sit in class.

I have difficulty doing the same activities as my peers during lunch breaks.

My teachers cause me distress because they don’t understand my pain and hassle me about my work.

My classmates cause me distress because they don’t believe that I have pain.

I don’t know how to talk to my friends anymore because they don’t understand my pain.

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