Episode4 Segment 2 - Are you avoiding certain activities?

Fast Fact

You could
be missing out
on opportunities
that provide
enjoyment and fun

It is likely that things have changed in your life since your pain began.

  • You may have lost confidence.
  • You may have stopped doing things you find makes your pain worse.
  • You maybe avoiding many other activities just in case they make your pain feel worse.

You could be missing out on opportunities that give you excitement, joy, fun.

Avoidance is when we limit or put restrictions on things that we do, because we let things like pain get in the way. This might mean that we stand on the sidelines during school sport, instead of participating. It might mean that we stay home instead of going to the movies with friends. It might mean that we lie on the couch instead of getting outside and playing with friends or a pet. These limitations or restrictions in behaviour impact on the quality and the experience of life we have. That is a very high price to pay for our pain.

Our behaviour is as part of who we are, but not all of who we are.  If we can start to notice unhelpful or avoidant behaviours, then we can make changes to improve things.

User Activity

This activity is about identifying fun or enjoyable things that you can do when your pain is manageable, and when it is high.

Instructions - Part 1

In the space below, list the fun and enjoyable things you like to do, or would like to do in the future. Some examples have been provided to help you start.



Play basketball

Play soccer

Walk the dog

Go to the park/beach

Have friends over




Play netball

Play football

Sit and talk

Go to school each day

Concentrate in class




Go shopping

Go skateboarding


Go to sporting event

Go to beach

Just hang out

Instructions - Part 2

Now list the activities you avoid doing because of the pain and what makes you believe you can’t do them.

Activities that I avoid doing because of pain:


Instructions - Part 3

The activities above are enjoyable. It is important to try and understand why, and to see if some of these activities can still be done, perhaps with some modification. You should check with your parent or doctor first to see if this is a good idea.

  1. In column 1, write in activities that you would like to try again.
  2. In column 2, write in a way that you could modify the activity so that you could try it.
  3. In column 3, write in the date that you tried to do the activity.
  4. In column 4, write in how it felt to do the activity.
Activity Avoidance Challenge
Activities I would like to try again How can I modify the activity? Date I did the activity How it felt to do the activity