Episode4 Segment 1 - Who am I?

Fast Fact

You are

Sometimes it may seem that pain has robbed us of our identity, of who we are. We may have stopped hanging out with friends, enjoying our hobbies, or spending time with our family because of pain. But it is important to remember that you are more than simply a person with chronic pain. You are unique.

In fact, you are more than your thoughts, behaviours, or feelings. You might be a brother, a sister, a cousin.

You might be a hand ball champ, horse lover, music fan, film buff or artist. You can be many things that go beyond being someone that lives with chronic pain. Sometimes our thoughts seem like that is all we are. But it is important to recognise that these thoughts need to be managed.

User Activity

This activity is about identifying the many different things that you are, besides being someone with chronic pain.


In the box below make a list of things that make up who you are. You could include things like: being a daughter, being a friend, being a soccer player, being a grandson, being a photographer. You might also be a good listener, caring friend or someone who can make people laugh or smile. When you have finished, you can print off this list.

Things that I am include: