Episode2 Segment 2 - What are the benefits of physical activity?

Fast Fact 1

It’s a great way
to have fun
with friends

Fast Fact 2

strength and

Fast Fact 3

Boosts your

Fast Fact 4

Physical activity
pain levels

When a person has pain, it can feel like the pain is stopping them from doing certain things, or warning them not to do much of a certain physical activity. Pain might even make it feel hard to get moving.

Check with your doctor or therapist that it is OK for you to work on improving your physical activity level. Check if there are any limits for you. Then read on and follow the steps to find out how.

Think about what is important to you, in your life. What is it that makes you want to change or improve your current physical activity levels? Recognising why you want to do something will help guide and motivate you in setting and achieving goals. For example, you might want to work on your activity levels.

User Activity

This activity is designed to help you recognise the benefits of physical activity that are important to you, and recognise reasons for improving current physical activity levels.


Listed below are some of the benefits of physical activity. Beside each benefit is a box. Click on the boxes that are the most important benefits to you. These will automatically appear in the space below. You can also type in any other benefits that are important to you.

Young people, like yourself, can receive many benefits from being active:

    It is a great way to have fun with friends and make new ones

    It can boost your confidence

    It can improve your fitness and energy levels

    It can make your bones and muscles stronger

    It can improve your posture, balance and flexibility

    It can help you maintain a healthy weight

    It can improve the health of your heart and lungs

    It can help you relax

    It can improve your quality of sleep

    It can reduce stress

    It can help you maintain healthy growth and development

    It can improve pain levels and function

Reasons for improving physical activity levels:

    To feel better about yourself

    To have fun

    To experience new things

    To meet new people

    To develop skills

    To increase energy levels

    To be a part of a team

    To spend time with friends or family

    To improve pain levels and function

The main benefits of physical activity that are important to me are:

Reasons why I want to become more physically active: