Episode6 Pain and Family


In this episode you will learn about the importance of families – how your family can help you with your pain and how you can help them.

No two families are the same. Each family has its own way of communicating, problem-solving, managing, and celebrating life.

Each family has its own strengths and challenges. Difficulties and challenges that affect one individual, can impact on other family members. Likewise, the joys and achievements of one individual can affect other family members too. Sometimes when a family member develops a health problem, this can result in changes in how the family interacts and functions. It is important to be aware of changes that might be occurring within your family. Good family functioning has been shown to help children with chronic pain to function better and lower the likelihood of depression.

We would encourage that you take a break after completion of each episode, spend some time, maybe a week in between, working on the skills you have learnt, before going onto the next episode in the series.