Episode6 Segment 4 - How can I communicate with my family about my pain?

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Good communication is always important within a family, but it is especially important when a family member is experiencing chronic pain.

When experiencing pain, the sensation can be communicated to others in a number of ways, including grimacing, sighing, groaning, moaning, limping, complaining, and so forth.

But this is not an effective way of communicating. Others might not know how to respond to this. They may ignore it, get frustrated, or annoyed by it. And sometimes these ways of communicating can happen more or become exaggerated if a person feels that their pain is not understood by others.

6 Tips to improve communication


Below are 6 tips to improve the way you can communicate to other people about your pain. To find out ways of improving your communication, roll your mouse over each tip box.


Be clear and focused


Body language

Facial expression and smiling