Episode6 Segment 2 - What are the strengths of my family?

Fast Fact 1

Each family has
it’s own strengths

Fast Fact 2

It is important to learn, appreciate, and use your family’s strengths

No family is perfect. But most families have their own strengths. It is important to notice, appreciate, and use the strengths of your family.

User Activity

The following activity is designed to help you to identify the unique strengths of your family.


Listed below are statements about family strengths. Use the tick box below to identify your family strengths. You can also type in any other statements about your family strengths.

We support each other

We help each other out

We have fun together

We help others in need

We love and care for each other

We share a good sense of humour

We enjoy doing activities together

We share a positive attitude

We stay connected with relatives and friends

We are willing to accept mistakes and apologies

We share a strong bond through our family traditions and beliefs

We can share ideas, thoughts, and feelings without being judged

We are willing to ask for outside help if we need it

Strengths of my family

We encourage each other

We respect each other

We can work together

We listen to one another

We live in a safe home environment

We know what to expect of each other

We treat each other fairly

Identifying the strengths of your family:

Enter your own:

It is helpful to consider and focus on your family’s strengths. Noticing strengths and positives around you is a useful mindset to have, particularly when faced with problems. It is much more useful to identify and focus on the positives, and where you can find support, rather than focussing on the problem and on the negatives. So try to continue to be on the lookout for strengths and positives in your family.