Episode1 Segment 3 - How can I manage chronic pain?

Fast Fact 1

You can retrain
your brain

Fast Fact 2

There is more than
just medication
to manage
chronic pain

Whole person approach to manage chronic pain

There are many different ways we can manage chronic pain. These may include medications, which can be an important part of any pain management strategy, but it is important to remember they are not the whole answer.

You can retrain your brain

You can retrain your brain so that it is in charge and not the pain. Our brain is a really powerful tool. If we train the brain, we may be able to reduce pain and stress, and increase function and fun. It takes time to learn, but it can be very worthwhile. Treatments that help to reduce the 'volume' of the pain, take your attention away from the pain, or help you do things and have fun despite the pain are important.