Inpatient management of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is a chronic condition marked by high levels of blood glucose, which can lead to acute and chronic complications. In acute hospitals, hyperglycaemia can increase risk of infection and other adverse outcomes. Chronic high blood glucose levels are associated with long-term complications and comorbidities.

This initiative aims to:

  • improve the in-hospital management of diabetes mellitus
  • enhance the patient experience and health outcomes
  • reduce hospital readmission.

Snapshot of inpatient management of diabetes mellitus

In 2016-17...
There were 235,955
episodes of inpatient care

Building capability program

Building capability in inpatient diabetes management

This program is designed for junior medical officers and nursing staff caring for people with diabetes requiring insulin in hospital.

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For clinicians and services

What to improve

Read about the four clinical priority areas of care for inpatient management of diabetes mellitus:

  1. identification and testing
  2. insulin management
  3. access to specialist care
  4. optimising health through ongoing care.

How to improve

Explore options for different organisational models to tailor clinical services for your local requirements:

  • dedicated inpatient diabetes team
  • access to specialist diabetes care
  • access to senior physician with expertise in diabetes management.

Additional resources

Contact the Diabetes and Endocrine Network

Email the team at or visit the ACI Diabetes and Endocrine Network.

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