About the Transition Care Network

The Transition Care Network works with clinicians, young people, families and carers to improve continuity of care for young people (14 to 25 years) with chronic health conditions in NSW, as they move from paediatric to adult health services.

The network also:

  • runs a Transition Care Service which provides practical help with transition planning for young people, their parents and carers, and healthcare professionals
  • collaborates closely with the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network’s Trapeze program.

Clinicians, young people and carers can contribute their experiences and expertise to the network to help make transition care seamless in NSW.

Network structure

The network is led by two co-chairs, representing children’s healthcare, adult healthcare and consumers (currently being recruited).

Andrew Brooks

Jane Ho

Children’s Healthcare Co-Chair

Virginia Ip

Lif O’Connor

Adult Healthcare Co-Chair

    Why transition care matters

    Children outgrow children’s health services as they become adults and need to find and transition to adult healthcare providers. To improve health outcomes:

    • paediatric health professionals should start discussing this change with patients during their early teens
    • adult healthcare service providers need to be aware of the challenges young people face as they adapt to new services and responsibilities
    • young people and their family can start planning transition planning with their healthcare providers early.

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