Children’s Healthcare Network

Children's Healthcare Network

The Paediatric Network works with the Children's Healthcare Network (CHN).

The CHN has the same goal as MP4Kids. It wants all children to have access to high-quality healthcare as close to home as possible, regardless of where they live.

The CHN is divided into three regions. Each has a convenor, coordinator, medical lead, and allied health educator.


Convenor: Chief Executive, Hunter New England Local Health District and delegated to Executive Director, Children, Young People and Families Services, Hunter New England Local Health District (HNEkidshealth)

The Northern region works in partnership with:


Convenor: Chief Executive, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

The Southern region works in partnership with:


Convenor: Chief Executive, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

The Western region works in partnership with:

Allied Health Education and Clinical Support Program

The program is an initiative of the CHN and employs an allied health educator in each region.

Under the title Allied to Kids, the educator addresses education, training and clinical support for allied health professionals working with children, young people, and their families to:

  • develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to provide children with the right care, in the right place, at the right time
  • respond, address and explore the emerging needs of allied health professionals who work with children
  • support and promote evidence-based clinical and educational practice.

For further information about Allied to Kids and initiatives offered, contact

Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultants Expert Advisory Group

These non-tertiary paediatric clinical nurse consultants work with the CHN regions and local health districts or jurisdictions. They also work with the Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS).

The group focuses on current and emerging issues. It provides leadership to enable excellent delivery of evidence-based paediatric healthcare and it advocates for fair access to paediatric care.

It also provides a professional communication link, expert advisory role, and network between, and to:

  • the NSW Ministry of Health
  • local health districts
  • NSW Health pillars
  • relevant associated specialty networks.
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