About the Paediatric Network

The Paediatric Network aims to improve the healthcare experiences and outcomes for children and young people across NSW.

The network’s priorities are:

  • providing guidance to the NSW Health system on how to standardise paediatric care
  • establishing new models of care
  • partnering with clinicians and consumers
  • fostering an environment of collaboration.

The network works closely with the Children’s Healthcare Network (CHN) and relevant committees and collaborates across the paediatric peer networks:

  • Metropolitan Level 4 Paediatric Units (MP4Kids)
  • Regional Paediatrics NSW (RPNSW).

Our structure

The work of the network is led by the Network Executive Committee and supported by two co-chairs.

A/Professor John Preddy


Tomas Ratoni


Projects and responsibilities

The network supports the objectives of five areas of focus.

Paediatric Network Executive Committee

  • Responsible for the oversight of the Paediatric Network workplan
  • Managed by the Paediatric Network and reports to the ACI Executive

Paediatric and Neonatal Clinical Care Taskforce

  • Responsible for the oversight and implementation of ACI-led Henry Review and PICNIC Action Plan Recommendations
  • Managed by the ACI Paediatric Network
  • Reports to the ACI Chief Executive

Paediatric Clinical Nurse Consultant Expert Advisory Group

  • Responsible for collaboration on emerging issues to improve and standardised paediatric clinical care and services across NSW
  • Reports to the manager of the Paediatric Network

Peer networks: MP4Kids and Regional Paediatrics NSW

  • Represents paediatric clinicians across NSW
  • Has escalation pathways in place to raise issues or concerns via the manager of the Paediatric Network

MP4Kids and RPNSW

Children’s Healthcare Network

  • Supports paediatric clinicians across NSW
  • Has the goal that all children will have access to high-quality healthcare as close to home as possible, regardless of where they live
  • Is divided into three regions and convened by one of the tertiary paediatric hospitals

Children’s Healthcare Network

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