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About the BMT+CT Network

The Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapies (BMT+CT) Network was established to support collaboration, the sharing of lessons learned and networking of BMT and CT clinicians in NSW public hospitals. The Network provides governance to statewide clinical improvement initiatives; delivers a statewide quality management service; and provides centralised education events. The BMT Network Council provides oversight to Network activities and directs the work of its clinical working groups and project sub-committees. The BMT Quality Management Service assists BMT programs to meet and maintain their accreditation requirements and provides policies, standard operating procedures, onsite training and support.

Our people

Executive Council Co-Chairs
Seeking expressions of interest

Dr Nada Hamad, Executive Council Co-Chair
BMT Staff Specialist
Clinical & Laboratory Haematologist
St Vincent’s Hospital Network

Vinita Agarwal, Laboratory Working Group Chair
Senior Scientist
Liverpool BMT Laboratory

Dr Melissa Gabriel, Long Term Follow Up Co-Chair
BMT Staff Specialist
The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Andriana Colic, Pharmacy Users Group Chair
BMT Pharmacist
Royal North Shore Hospital

Nicole Johnson, Nurses’ Group Chair
BMT Clinical Nurse Coordinator
Gosford Hospital

Executive Council Co-Chairs

The BMT+CT Network supports a broad work-plan that includes a portfolio of projects, the oversight of a centralised Quality Management System and Infectious Diseases Management Service, a calendar of education and training activities, and, other events, which promote the opportunity to communicate current practice, discuss issues, achievements, and share ideas.

Laboratory Working Group Chair

Laboratory Working Group supports the facilitation of best practice across all BMT Laboratories, advancing the ‘one service on multiple sites’ principle, determining and implementing common protocols and practices, and providing a forum for BMT Scientists to have input into the BMT+CT Network.

Long Term Follow Up Co-Chairs

The purpose of the LTFU working group is to bring together professionals, consumers and partners to design and drive the delivery of high quality, evidence based care for survivors of BMT to optimise their health and reduce the adverse late effects of BMT.

Nurses’ Group chair

The Nurses and Apheresis group is committed to a partnership with health care professionals and consumers to provide access to the highest quality Nursing Care for all patients requiring haematopoietic stem cell (HPC) Transplants in NSW through collaboration of ideas and development opportunities

Pharmacy Users Group Chair

The Pharmacy User’s Group aims to ensure that individuals from different aspects of the transplant process are brought together, and are able to share experiences; whilst meeting FACT’s requirement for further education.

The network has more than 290 registered members across NSW, Australia and internationally.


The BMT+CT Network has been active since 2002. The network encompasses 15 NSW hospitals involved in these transplants. The network continues to be a clinician-led enterprise which has facilitated many new initiatives.

Transplantation of blood and marrow products is provided as treatment for patients suffering from haematological and auto immune disorders as well as certain solid tissue tumours.

Transplantation can be either autologous (where the patient has previously donated their own haematopoietic progenitor stem cells or bone marrow), or allogeneic (where the donor is a tissue-matched related or unrelated donor). More than 300 autologous and 200 allogeneic transplants are carried out in NSW each year.