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Published on 1 Feb 2015

Texture modified diet - cut up

This document is part of the ACI Diet Specifications for Adult Inpatients. It is not to be used for patient education.


To provide a diet more easily eaten by patients unable to cut up food.


All food items must be able to be eaten with a fork or spoon in one hand only. Solid food should be cut into pieces (maximum 2.5cm). Sandwiches should be cut into halves or quarters.


  • impaired function of the hand, arm or shoulder
  • general debility
  • cognitive impairment.

Nutritional adequacy

Nutritionally adequate.


Patients ordered this diet should be monitored regularly to ensure adequate dietary intake. Patients may need assistance with accessing food e.g. opening packets.


Suitable for use in paediatrics when combined with an age-appropriate diet.

Specific menu planning guidelines

 Allowed Not allowed
Hot main dishes

All wet dishes

Roasts, grills, fish, omelettes; cut up

Sauces, gravies All-
Starchy vegetables / pasta / rice Mashed, diced and chip potatoes
All others cut up

All, cut up if over maximum particle size of 2.5cm

Soups All -

All sandwiches, cut into halves or quarters

Salads, dressings All, cut up or shredded -
Breads, cerealsAll-
Spreads All -
Hot breakfast choicesAll, cut up (including cutup sausages, omelettes,
canned spaghetti and bacon)

Cutup fresh or tinned fruit

Dried fruit


Whole fresh large pieces (e.g. apples, oranges)
YoghurtAll -
DessertsAll othersDesserts with hard bases or hard pastry unless cutup
Milk and cheese All Cheese with dried fruit or nuts
Beverages All -
Biscuits All-

Sugar, salt, pepper, sweetener, cream, nuts



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