Vision defect in stroke

Published: September 2017

The Vision defect in stroke screening tool helps medical and allied health professionals to identify and prioritise patients who require a comprehensive eye examination.

Stroke-related and pre-existing visual conditions may not be detected or factored into a patient's assessment and rehabilitation program. This can lead to reduced or poor progress in rehabilitation.

View an example of the screening tool

NSW Health staff

NSW Health staff can order and print forms via Stream Solutions (login required) (a division of Toll).

More information for NSW Health staff is available on the HealthShare intranet (NSW Health network only).

Non-NSW Health staff

People outside of NSW Health are able to purchase the resources by contacting Stream Solutions directly on 1300 786 075.

eLearning module

The eLearning module Understanding the vision defect in stroke screening tool (course code 160781869) is available to all NSW Health staff to support the implementation of the tool on MyHealthLearning.

The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete with a certificate available upon completion.

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