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About the Aged Health Network

Our People

Shalini Balram

Shalini Balram
Co-Chair (Allied Health)

Allyson Waird

Allyson Waird
Co-Chair (Nursing)


The Confused Hospitalised Older Persons (CHOPS) program

The overall aim of the Confused Hospitalised Older Persons (CHOPs) program is to improve the experiences and outcomes of confused older people in hospital. It is a collaboration between the ACI and the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre. The specific objectives of CHOPS include:

  • designing and prioritising principles for best practice care for older confused people in hospital;
  • tailoring implementation to the needs of the older person, carers, families and the hospital teams;
  • sharing achievements, innovation and knowledge, and embedding systems into practice to sustain and spread improvements in the care of older confused people in hospital.

Volunteer Dementia and Delirium Care Implementation and Training Resource

The ACI developed the Volunteer Dementia and Delirium Care Implementation and Training Resource. The resource was published in 2016 and aims to facilitate the establishment and implementation of a dementia and delirium care hospital volunteer program. The program looks to provide emotional support and practical assistance to vulnerable patients with dementia and delirium, or those patients with identified risk factors for delirium and reduce their risk of adverse outcomes.

Allies in Dementia project

Through widespread consultation with people with a dementia, carers and allied health professionals, the Allies in Dementia project developed resources which provide an overview about the vital role of allied health in supporting people with a dementia. The Allies in Dementia project was a joint initiative of Alzheimer’s Australia (now Dementia Australia) and the ACI. Two guides were published in 2016: Allied health professionals and you: a guide for people living with dementia and their carers and Better health for people living with dementia: a guide on the role of allied health professionals.

Building Partnerships project

In 2013, the ACI commenced work on Building Partnerships: A Framework for Integrating Care for Older People with Complex Health Needs in response to the NSW Ageing Strategy. The Framework was published in 2014 and aims to support local health districts and local partnerships of agencies to redesign and implement improved models of care for older people. The Framework introduces the vision and guiding principles underpinning the work to improve care for older people in NSW. The focus of the framework is to support local decision making and community partnerships with older people, their carers and families, NSW Health services, primary health networks, general practitioners, and community and residential aged care service providers.

Dementia Carers’ Experience video

The Dementia Carers’ Experience video was jointly produced by the ACI’s Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement (PEACE) team and the Aged Health Network. It explores the experience of dementia from the perspective of carers. This resource complements other resources which have been developed under the banner of CHOPs. It can be used for training and orientation of healthcare workers and other staff involved in the care of patients with dementia and their families and carers.

NSW Aged Health Collaborative

The NSW Aged Care Collaborative hosts an annual forum which is a collaboration between:

  • the NSW Ministry of Health, Aged Care Unit; Nursing and Midwifery Office; Older People’s Mental Health Policy Unit; Whole of Health Program
  • the Agency for Clinical Innovation
  • the Clinical Excellence Commission
  • the Health Education and Training Institute.

The aim of the Aged Health Collaborative Forum is to provide an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and innovation in aged health across NSW by:

  • sharing achievements in aged health across the continuum of care
  • empowering local teams to overcome challenges and building partnerships in caring for older people
  • providing an opportunity for professional networking and building a culture of sharing, support and leadership in aged health in NSW.

Consumer and carer stories are also shared and discussed at the forum.


The ACI Aged Health Network is building on the work of the Greater Metropolitan Clinical Taskforce’s Aged Care Network. The network was renamed in May 2010 to Aged Health to reflect the breadth of specialist services provided for older people across NSW.