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About the Aged Health Network

The Aged Health Network aims to improve the health of older people in NSW by researching, developing and supporting implementation of appropriate models of care for an ageing population. Current key projects include the Framework for Integrated Care for Older Persons with Complex Health Needs, Care of Confused Hospitalised Older Person (CHOPs) Program and the Minimum Standards for the Management of Hip Fracture in the Older Person.

Our People

Terry Finnegan

Terry Finnegan

Viki Brummell

Viki Brummell


  • To improve orthogeriatric care in NSW healthcare facilities.
  • To collaborate with NSW Health in the development of an Integrated Services Framework for Specialist Healthcare for Older People.
  • To lead the Care of Confused Hospitalised Older Person Study in collaboration with the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) and General Practice NSW to improve care and reduce harm for hospitalised older people with dementia and/or delirium.
  • To facilitate publication of a NSW Health guideline on avoidance of the use of restraint in older people.


Orthogeriatric Model of Care

The ACI Orthogeriatric Model of Care was launched in August 2010 during the 2010 Orthogeriatric Symposium at Liverpool Hospital, Sydney.

Care Of The Confused Hospitalised Older Person Study (CHOPS)

Dementia and delirium are significant problems for all older patients. Delirium is associated with increased length of stay, higher morbidity and mortality and increased risk of nursing home placement.

The aim of this project is to develop and promote system-wide a training, education and support program to enhance care and minimise harm to the confused older person. This will allow methodical prevention, assessment and management across wards within a selection of pilot hospitals. This will be followed by a roll out across all hospitals in NSW promoted by the ACI in collaboration with its study partners, the Clinical Excellence Commission and GP NSW. Evaluation will use existing data sources common to all hospitals.

Caring for the Confused Older Person Forum

A forum was held at Liverpool Hospital to help share information about care of the confused older person in hospital – see Caring for the Confused Older Person. There were 280 participants and evaluations were overwhelmingly positive with requests for further conferences, education sessions and teleconference linkages.


The ACI Aged Health Network is building on the work of the Greater Metropolitan Clinical Taskforce’s Aged Care Network. The network was renamed in May 2010 to Aged Health to reflect the breadth of specialist services provided for older people across NSW.