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The NSW Health Critical Intelligence Unit provides rapid, evidence-based advice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its operations focus on systems intelligence, clinical intelligence and evidence integration.

Daily Evidence Digest

A summary of new evidence and reports from international sources each day.

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16 Jun 2021 - Saliva or nasopharyngeal swabs for SARS-CoV-2 screening, reninangiotensin-system inhibitors, social pharmacology (PDF 164 KB)

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COVID-19 Monitor

The COVID-19 Monitor provides a snapshot of topical data and graphs – drawn from international and national sources. The content changes in line with emerging themes and current areas of debate and discussion.

10 Jun 2021 - COVID-19 vaccines, cases and variants (PDF 694 KB)

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Risk Monitoring Dashboard

A weekly dashboard focusing on transmission risk in healthcare settings. The dashboard brings together data on cases, clusters, the public health response, and the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce. An expert panel reviews the dashboard and assigns a risk rating. For details on infection prevention and control recommendations, please refer to the CEC framework.

9 Jun 2021 - Risk Monitoring Dashboard (PDF 391 KB)

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Living Evidence

High level summaries of key studies and emerging evidence, reviewed daily and updated as soon as new evidence and information is published.

Evidence Check

A rapid review outlining the available evidence on a discrete topic or question relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence includes grey and peer review literature.

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