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Rural Innovations Changing Healthcare Forum 2020

The theme for 2020 was ‘Health by Stealth – rural communities leading by example’ to showcase home grown strategies which rural communities implement to strengthen connectivity and decrease social and geographical isolation, ultimately improving health and wellbeing.

RICH Forum 2020 Evaluation


Keynote Australian Men's Shed Association

Stuart Torrance – Men’s Health Project Officer Australian Men’s Shed Association

Presentation pdf | Poem

Ezidi Resettlement in Armidale - Thinking outside the box

Ellen Meinel

Presentation pdf | Video

Bust the dust

St John's Parish School, Trangie

Presentation pdf | Video

Reaching the hard to reach for effective change

Alison Kennedy – National center for farmer health

Presentation pdf

Collaboration is more than just communication

Camilla Herbig – Rural Adversity Mental Health Program,
Brenda Baker National Association for Loss and Grief

Presentation pdf

SWaP: a model of care to support practitioners in a rural community

A Tale of the Connections Program

Jenna Bottrell – Program Manager, Mission Australia,
Chelsea Edwards – Manager of Consumer and Carer Engagement, Far West Local Health District

Presentation pdf | video

Heart Yarns both-ways

All for one, and one for all

Emma Dickins – Integrated Care Lead, SCHN,
Elizabeth Ingold – KidsGPS Care Coordinator, SCHN

Presentation pdf