Collecting and manufacturing T-cells

The process of collecting, manufacturing and infusing T-cells can take several weeks.

1 Collection

  • The patient’s blood is drawn into an apheresis machine
  • This machine spins the blood to separate the different cells
  • T-cells and some plasma are collected, and the remaining blood cells are returned to the patient’s body

2 Transport

  • T-cells are sent to a specialised laboratory overseas for manufacture

3 Manufacture

  • T-cells are genetically programmed with new receptors to target certain cells
  • Manufacture is a complex process and can take several weeks
  • While the cells are being manufactured, additional treatment may be needed to keep disease under control
  • Sometimes it is not successful, and more T-cells may need to be collected

4 Transport

  • T-cells are returned to the treating facility

5 Treatment

  • The patient is given treatment to dampen their immune system and increase the impact of the CAR T-cells
  • Millions of CAR T-cells are reinfused into the patient, where they will continue to multiply and attack specific abnormal cells

Information for patients

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