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Published on 1 Nov 2011

Test diet - glucose tolerance

This document is part of the ACI Diet Specifications for Adult Inpatients. It is not to be used for patient education.


To provide at least 150g of carbohydrate per day.


Uses a set pattern of foods to provide at least 12 exchanges of carbohydrate per day. Fifteen grams of carbohydrate is equal to one exchange.


This is a test diet used in the investigation of impaired glucose tolerance.

Nutritional adequacy

Nutritionally adequate.


The diet is required for three days prior to the test.


Suitable for use in paediatrics when combined with an age-appropriate diet.

Suggested meal structure

Breakfast ≥3 exchanges fruit / juice + cereal + bread / toast / jam
Morning tea ≥1 exchanges biscuit / fruit + juice / soft drink
< 250mgLunch ≥3 exchanges sandwich + fruit, or starchy veg + 2 veg + bread / fruit
Afternoon tea ≥1 exchanges biscuit / fruit + juice / soft drink
Dinner ≥3 exchanges starchy veg + 2 veg + bread / fruit
Supper ≥ 1 exchanges biscuits + flavoured milk

Specific menu planning guidelines

Allowed Not allowed
Hot main dishes All -
Sauces, gravies All -
Starchy vegetables / pasta / rice All -
Vegetables All -
Soups All -
Sandwiches All -
Salads, dressings All -
Breads, cereals All -
Spreads Jam, marmalade, Vegemite™, peanut butter -
Hot breakfast choices All -
Fruit All -
Yoghurt All, including diet yoghurt -
Desserts All Low-joule jelly
Milk and cheese All -
Beverages All others Low-joule cordial and soft drinks
Biscuits All -
Miscellaneous Sugar Artificial sweetener


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