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Published on 1 Nov 2011

Protein diet - purine - low

This document is part of the ACI Diet Specifications for Adult Inpatients. It is not to be used for patient education.


To provide a diet with a reduced purine content, to limit the production of uric acid.


Avoids foods rich in the nucleoprotein purine: red meat, liver, kidneys, shellfish, herring, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, and foods containing yeast. Meat in small serves only.



Nutritional adequacy

Nutritionally adequate.


Meat, poultry, and fish intake should ideally be limited to one serve per day (maximum 120g).


Suitable for use in paediatrics when combined with an age-appropriate diet.

Specific menu planning guidelines

Allowed Not allowed
Hot main dishesAll others; small serves of meat Dishes containing offal, shellfish, mackerel, herring, sardines or anchovies
Sauces, graviesAll othersGravies and sauces made with meat
Starchy vegetables / pasta / riceAll -
VegetablesAll -
SoupsAll -
SandwichesAll othersShellfish, sardines
Salads, dressingsAll others; small serves of meatShellfish, sardines
Breads, cerealsAll -
SpreadsAll othersVegemite™
Hot breakfast choicesAll othersKidneys
FruitAll -
YoghurtAll -
DessertsAll -
Milk and cheeseAll -
BeveragesAllBonox®, Bovril™
BiscuitsAll -
Miscellaneous- -


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