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Published on 1 Nov 2011

Allergy diet - nut free

This document is part of the ACI Diet Specifications for Adult Inpatients. It is not to be used for patient education.


To provide a diet that eliminates peanuts (ground nuts), tree nuts and their products.


Avoids all nuts, nut products and traces, including peanuts (also known as groundnuts), cashews, walnuts, pecans, almonds, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and pine nuts.

Does not exclude coconut.


Nut allergy.

Nutritional adequacy

Nutritionally adequate.


Reactions to nuts can be severe; the labels of all packaged products must be checked carefully. Nut oils (eg peanut, walnut or macadamia oils) should not be used for cooking or in salad dressings. Products with advisory statements that they may contain traces of nuts, or are manufactured on the same line as products containing peanuts, are not suitable. All packaged food with nut ingredients must carry a mandatory warning statement under Standard 1.2.3 of the Food Standards Code and should therefore be able to be identified on food labels. Particular care is needed in food handling and preparation to avoid cross-contamination.


Suitable for use in paediatrics when combined with an age-appropriate diet.

Specific menu planning guidelines

Allowed Not allowed
Hot main dishesAll others, including plain cooked beef, lamb, pork, poultry and fishAny dishes including nuts (e.g. satays, chicken and cashews), or made with peanut oil, pesto or nutmeat
Sauces, graviesOther sauces – check labelsSatay sauce, other nut sauces
Starchy vegetables / pasta / riceAll 
SoupsOther soups – check labelsAsian soups with peanuts or peanut oil
SandwichesAll othersPeanut or cashew butter
Salads, dressingsOthers – check labelsAny with nuts (e.g. waldorf salad) or nut oils (e.g. peanut, walnut, hazelnut oil)
Breads, cereals

All nut-free breads

Rice, oats, pasta and noodles

Nut-free muesli and most other breakfast cereals

Walnut bread

Breakfast cereals with nuts (e.g. Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes®, Sustain®, Nut Feast®, some mueslis)

SpreadsButter, margarine, jam, honey

Peanut or cashew butter


Hot breakfast choicesAll 
FruitAll – check labels 
YoghurtAll – check labels 
DessertsAll other desserts, including custards, ice-cream, jelly, nut-free cakes and puddingsDesserts containing nuts (e.g. fruit crumble with nuts, carrot or almond cake, pecan pie, praline, baklava)
Milk and cheeseAll 
BiscuitsOther nut-free biscuitsAny with nut ingredients (e.g. butternut)

Seeds – unless allergic




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