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Radiology Network

Working to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of radiology services for NSW patients and to support collaboration and networking among radiology departments and their referrers across metropolitan and rural NSW.

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  • To provide expert advice on medical imaging services in NSW (see also Nuclear Medicine)
  • To improve procedural safety for radiology services.
  • To collaborate with other Departments and professions to improve appropriate access to radiology services.

Recent Achievements

  • Development of the Medical Imaging District Services (MIDS) Implementation Toolkit to assist Medical Imaging Departments and LHDs wishing to move to a more business-like approach.
  • Ongoing online education series for radiologists, trainees, radiographers and radiology nurses.

Radiology Network


Ingrid Klobasa
Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Gastroenterology Network Manager

Recently Added

MRI scan patient information sheet.

Added: 7 December 2021

Type: PDF File (305.1 KB)

MRI with gadolinium based contrast injections patient information sheet

Added: 7 December 2021

Type: PDF File (409.5 KB)

MRI contrast agent medication standing order template

Added: 7 December 2021

Type: MS Word Document (150.0 KB)

MRI gadolinium contrast administration form implementation

Added: 7 December 2021

Type: PDF File (577.7 KB)