Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a safe imaging technique. MRI uses a strong magnetic field, radiofrequency waves and a computer that produces detailed images of many parts of the body.

These MRI resources have been developed to:

  • support medical imaging facilities to standardise safety checks
  • support local health districts (LHDs) to provide local guidance to clinicians on the use of MRI contrast agent injections
  • provide information to patients.

Clinicians, local health districts and medical imaging facilities

  • MRI contrast agent: Medication standing order template
    Use as the basis for standing orders on the use of macrocyclic gadolinium-containing MRI contrast agent. Includes relevant information on the use of an MRI contrast agent, for LHDs to cut down and tailor to suit their requirements.
    Published: October 2022
  • MRI gadolinium contrast administration form implementation
    Outlines the process medical imaging staff should follow as they complete the MRI gadolinium contrast administration form (state health form: NH700649). This covers all stages, from patient check-in to patient dispatch and follow-up care.
    Published: October 2022

MRI gadolinium contrast administration form (NH700649)

This state health form should be used to screen patients ahead of an MRI scan with contrast injection. It includes patient or carer signature. The document also includes a staff checklist and signature.

NSW Health staff can order and print state health forms via Stream Solutions.

People outside of NSW Health can purchase the resources by contacting Stream Solutions directly on 1300 786 075.

Patient information

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