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About the


In 2016, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Treasury and the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation undertook an analysis to explore opportunities to provide better value health care. Improving care for people with diabetes and people at risk of diabetes foot related complications were two areas identified for progression.

Current work

Three Working Groups are being convened to gather information and provide advice to the NSW Diabetes Taskforce. A High Risk Foot Service Working Group, an Inpatient (insulin management) Working Group and a Community Working Group will be established to focus on contributing to the following outcomes of diabetes management:

  • Implementation and consistent application of standardised evidence-based care components of diabetes management in NSW
  • Reduction in unwarranted clinical variation
  • Equity of access to evidence-based care components of diabetes management.

Structure of the Diabetes Taskforce: Three streams sit under the taskforce.  1. High Risk Foot Service Working Group and Endocrine Network High Risk Foot Service Community of Practice. 2. Inpatient (insulin) Working Group and Endocrine Network In-hospital Working Group. 3. Community Working Group/s and Chronic Care Network/ Working Groups

Key Activities and Timeline

Timeline from October 2016 to March 2017: Planning meeting; Initial advice to Ministry of Health; Working Groups established; Information Gathering; Scoping and Prioritisation; Final Advice to Ministry of Health