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Yhunger: healthy living skills for at-risk young people

Yhunger has developed educational resources and training workshops for youth workers that focus on ‘hands on’ skills development with young people.

Added: 15 July 2015 | Last updated: 22 April 2021

I AM: Identifying and Addressing Malnutrition

The I AM Project aims to implement a more sustainable and accurate screening process at Prince of Wales Hospital for patients who are malnourished, or at risk of malnutrition.

Added: 7 December 2018 | Last updated: 21 April 2021

Healthy Lifestyles Project for newly arrived young people

This project addressed two significant gaps in service provision for newly arrived young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds: prevention of rapid weight gain during the settlement and post arrival...

Added: 4 March 2020 | Last updated: 20 April 2021

Finger food menu on the specialised dementia and delirium ward

The introduction of finger foods will potentially: increase the opportunity to encourage or enable self-feeding; improve quality of life; increase oral intake and promote weight stabilization while in hospital; and...

Added: 18 February 2020 | Last updated: 23 March 2020

Redesigning mid-meal safety, nutritional accuracy and compliance, knowledge and satisfaction (SNACKS)

This project looks at how the tea-run to adult patients at Westmead Hospital in three wards can be improved to meet the nutritional and individual dietary needs of patients.

Added: 2 December 2019 | Last updated: 12 December 2019

Planning for Gastronomy Success

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney (SVHS) improved patient information, treatment procedures and staff education, to ensure the placement of gastronomy feeding tubes aligned with best practice and Agency for Clinical Innovation...

Added: 18 September 2017 | Last updated: 2 October 2017

Increasing the Appropriateness of Dietetic Referrals

This project addressed barriers experienced by nursing staff when using the malnutrition screening tool, by introducing staff education, streamlined education pathways and a cheat sheet for nursing staff.

Added: 23 August 2017 | Last updated: 6 September 2017

Waist Less: Part of the Sustainable Connections for Overweight and Obesity in Paediatrics Project

The Waist Less project aims to improve clinical processes and resources at the CHW, to increase the identification and management of children with obesity and their families. It is part...

Added: 18 April 2017 | Last updated: 28 April 2017

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