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About the Innovation Exchange

The Innovation Exchange provides a single, collaborative place to share and promote local innovation and improvement projects and resources, from all healthcare organisations across NSW.

It is designed to share and spread solutions that can be adapted to suit other local health challenges, without the need to duplicate work that has already been undertaken.

The Innovation Exchange aims to:

  • Collect and promote information and resources about current clinical projects, the latest quality innovations and improvements in healthcare from across NSW and beyond.
  • Provide resources to assist and encourage health professionals to make improvements and foster innovation in their own healthcare setting/organisation.
  • Deliver a learning platform, for health professionals to learn new ways of improving and innovating for their local needs and share their experiences and lessons.
  • Connect health professionals with others who share similar clinical interests to improve healthcare.

Both small and large scale innovations and improvements generated across the local services are recognised and shared to benefit the broader health system.

This is the place to showcase the great work that is happening, to promote the innovations and improvements that are occurring to improve our health services, and recognise the commitment and expertise of staff working in the NSW Health system.

The Innovation Exchange is building on the work of the Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations (ARCHI).

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Victoria Bainou
Admin Officer for SCOPE

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