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VAN Network Webinar - Cultural Supervision

The aim of this webinar is to raise awareness of cultural supervision for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal clinicians and practitioners working with Aboriginal clients and families who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing violence, abuse and neglect

The webinar reflects NSW Health’s Integrated Prevention and Reponses to Violence Abuse and Neglect (IPARVAN) Framework’s commitment to:

  • establishing and maintaining physical, emotional and culturally safe service responses for clients and families
  • increasing recruitment and retention of Aboriginal staff to VAN services alongside cultural competence training and supervision

Presenter - Rowena Lawrie

Rowena Lawrie is the founder and Director of Yamurrah -  a collective of First Nations clinicians and practitioners who provide therapeutic care to children, families and First Nations communities who have experience trauma, sexual and family violence. Yamurrah specialises in clinical and cultural supervision, training, consultancy, research and evaluation. Yamurrah has a strong focus on human rights, First Nations healing frameworks, culturally responsive trauma and violence informed care.

Rowena has worked as a social worker for more than 25 years, has a background in law and justice and currently completing a Masters in Neuroscience. She lives and works in her local community on Darkinyung Country and is a descendant of Wakka Wakka and Wiradjuri nations  - her matriarchal tribal line extends to Leichardt River, Gulf of Carpentaria. Rowena is a member of the Aboriginal Communities Matters Advisory Group, Director, Gudjagang Ngara Li-dhi and Director, Burundi Theatre for Performing Arts.