Screening and assessment tools for older people

Published: November 2021

There are numerous tools available to clinicians to guide screening and assessment of older people; particularly when identifying cognitive and mental health care needs.

In a joint initiative between the ACI and Ministry of Health, 40 clinical experts from across NSW came together to develop a centralised list of screening and assessment tools for clinicians caring for older people. It can be used to help identify cognitive and mental health needs in older people within the NSW Health system.

This resource contains 55 screening and assessment tools relating to behaviour, cognition, delirium, dementia, depression, disability, multicultural tools and Aboriginal tools. Having a centralised list of tools will increase awareness among clinicians about what is available and will aid decision-making when choosing a tool for use.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all of those involved in the development of this resource.

These tables represent the data available as at publishing on September 2021. Where cells in the table are blank, the data was not available at this time.

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