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Improvements making virtual care easier

22 Feb 2022 Reading time approximately

myVirtualCare enhancements

myVirtualCare is NSW Health’s custom-built web-based videoconferencing platform, designed to help patients, their family and carers, and healthcare providers to access and manage care. Enhancements to the platform have been made thanks to clinician and user feedback.

The changes streamline the user experience of myVirtualCare, such as the ability to personalise user notifications. They are available in the training environment for users to familiarise themselves. The changes will go live overnight on 24 February 2022 ready for clinician consultations from 25 February 2022.

Support from the Agency for Clinical Innovation’s (ACI) virtual care team is also available, including:

  • a live demonstration video explaining the enhancements
  • information sessions to support users
  • updated resources.

All resources are available on Virtual Care Central.

If you have any questions, please contact your local virtual care or telehealth contact or the ACI’s virtual care team.

New digital myVirtualCare user guide

An updated digital myVirtualCare user guide is now available on the Agency for Clinical Innovation website.

The guide includes the enhancements being made to the platform.

Digital myVirtualCare user guide interface

ACI virtual care team news

Shane Delves is the team’s new Virtual Care Projects Manager, managing projects and the virtual care team.

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