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31 Oct 2022 Reading time approximately

Positive consumer feedback

Virtual care gives patients more options to access healthcare. Last financial year, more than 220,000 consultations were held on the myVirtualCare platform, with patients reporting* very positive experiences.

Of the 25,700 survey responses:

  • 96% said the virtual care they received was good or very good
  • 96% said their health professional explained things in a way they could understand
  • 94% said their health professional listened carefully to views and concerns they had
  • 79% said their virtual care experience was better or the same as an in-person appointment
  • 81% said they didn’t experience problems with their connection or technology.

Patients surveyed said:

  • “I was very impressed with the service today”
  • “The nurse was calm and reassuring…”
  • “Quite happy with the appointment and results”

A small number of survey respondents identified the following challenges for virtual care:

  • trouble hearing the health professional
  • technical difficulties
  • some healthcare being better suited to in-person appointments (such as physiotherapy).

These valuable insights will help inform improvements in virtual care delivery.

*Patients using myVirtualCare were surveyed between July 2021 and March 2022. More than 25,700 surveys were received across 15 local health districts and two specialty health networks.

Virtual Care Central reaches 100,000 site visits

Virtual Care Central has reached the significant milestone of 100,000 site visits.

The site is a central hub of virtual care information, resources and news for NSW Health staff. It can also help you identify and connect with colleagues who can support integrating virtual care into your clinical practice.

The site will soon be reviewed to ensure it is meeting user’s expectations. To be involved, please email

Virtual Care Central.

New resources available

The following new or updated resources have been developed to support clinical teams delivering virtual care. They are available on Virtual Care Central.

  • Pexip – A guide to delivering group sessions 
  • Guidance for virtual care hardware 
  • Frequently asked questions 

For consumers, the Technical issues – troubleshooting guide is also available on the ACI website.

myVirtualCare user guide and training milestones

The myVirtualCare online user guide has received more than 10,000 visits since launching in February 2022. The user-friendly guide allows clinicians and consumers to quickly search for myVirtualCare tips and information.

myVirtualCare online user guide.

myVirtualCare training courses are also available for NSW Health staff. The training is offered in a variety of ways to suit learning preferences and availability. Staff have completed more than 12,000 training modules so far.

Learn more about virtual care and the training on offer on Virtual Care Central.

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