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20 Dec 2022 Reading time approximately

Spotlight on: Western Sydney Diabetes Service

A new report in our ‘Spotlight on virtual care’ series highlights how the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) Diabetes Service uses virtual care to care for people with diabetes living in western Sydney.

In late 2019, as an early adopter of myVirtualCare, Western Sydney Diabetes used the platform to establish video case conferencing with general practitioners. In 2020, in response to COVID-19, they switched all services to virtual care. The service was able to resume in-person clinics in 2022, and a blended model is now offered to provide increased flexibility and choice for consumers across the district.

Access this virtual care initiative, and many others in the Spotlight on virtual care series.

Virtual Care Exchange Forum connects frontline clinical and support staff

The Virtual Care Exchange Forum featured its first ever panel with frontline clinicians and support staff in November 2022. Attendees discussed their experience with implementing virtual care, including the personal, professional and patient benefits they have observed.

Future forums will be held on the third Thursday of each month from February to November 2023. They will feature services and panels discussing integration of virtual care into clinical practice.

Join the Virtual Care Network to receive updates on the 2023 schedule and invitations to the forum.

Virtual Care Central (VCC)

Virtual Care Central is the central hub for NSW Health staff to access information, resources and news on virtual care. It helps identify and connect you with others to assist and support the integration of virtual care into your clinical practice.

If you or your network want to showcase services that use virtual care, we encourage you to add your service to the Virtual Care Exchange Register.

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