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30 Aug 2022 Reading time approximately

Palliative care animation available in three new languages

The virtual palliative care animation video is now available in three languages other than English:

The English version also has the option to display the subtitles in these languages, available on the NSW Health YouTube channel.

You can add the video to your myVirtualCare waiting room from YouTube. For help to do this please contact us, or speak to your local health district's myVirtualCare clinic coordinator or virtual care or telehealth manager.

Virtual palliative care video frame

Learn from local health services using virtual care

Health services share their experiences using virtual care in our Spotlight on virtual care series. Read the feature story in this issue of Clinician Connect to learn more about the following services that are using virtual care:

Thank you to the services and local health districts for sharing your insights.

Information for consumers available

We have published a new page on Virtual Care Central to help consumer representatives and peer support workers quickly find key resources and learn more about virtual care.

Consumer representatives and peer support providers work in partnership with clinicians, and often discuss care options and how to access healthcare with other consumers.

If you are one of these key advocates for virtual care, or work with them, the new page is available on Virtual Care Central. Access is automatic for NSW Health staff, and will be provided to external consumer representatives and peer support workers who contact us.

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