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26 Apr 2022 Reading time approximately

A new framework for change Trauma-informed care in mental health services across NSW is now available to support the implementation of trauma-informed care in mental health services across NSW.

The framework identifies what good practice looks like for mental health systems, services and staff, and includes related actions. It will support clinicians and managers to embed trauma-informed care in their practice by translating theory into clear actions under six key priority areas.

Our next steps are to:

  • develop self-assessment tool in line with the framework
  • determine implementation support
  • develop a trauma-informed care champions model
  • pilot the framework in local health districts and specialty health networks
  • develop trauma-informed care and virtual mental health priority actions.

This work will support a transition to better value healthcare, safer mental health services, and lead to better outcomes for both staff and people accessing mental health services in NSW.

Join the Mental Health Network to be invited to attend the framework’s launch and stay updated with these next steps.

Learn more or contact the Mental Health Network.

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