Congratulations and welcome to the ACI

We want you to feel welcomed and supported in your new role, which is why you have an onboarding program. The onboarding program is designed to prompt you and your manager to discuss relevant elements of your role, the organisation and your employment conditions. We aim to have staff in a position to successfully carry out their role at the end of the first three months, which is when the onboarding period will end. You will commence the onboarding program on your first day.

Prior to your commencement there are a number of tasks that need to be carried out to ensure you have all of your IT equipment, software and ID access pass on your first day.

Step 1 - Photo required for your ID access pass

Please send a photo of yourself to ACI-PeopleandCulture@health.nsw.gov.au. This will be used for your ID access pass, which is why is must comply with our photo guidelines.

Photos must be submitted 2 weeks prior to commencement to ensure your pass is ready for your first day.

Step 2 - Get to know our policies and your responsibilities as an employee

Your manager will send you the ICT approval form (equipment & access), which will have been completed and signed by your manager. The ICT approval form orders your IT equipment, ensure you have the right access and software and provide you with remote access to work offsite, if required. This form requires your signature as an acknowledgement that you have read and understood the associated policies. The associated policies are linked below for you to read, if you have questions or don’t fully understand your responsibilities please contact your manager to discuss before signing the form. Please ensure you return your ICT approval form to your manager via email or bring it with you on your first day.

Step 3 - Get to know us

Our website provides a wealth of resources and information about ACI’s structure, history and CORE values. We encourage you to visit our site and get to know who we are as an organisation.

Please continue to stay in contact with your manager before your start date and feel free to ask them any questions you may have. Your manager will keep you updated on our ways of working during COVID-19.

We look forward to you joining us.

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