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Stroke treatment transformed in regional NSW

30 Aug 2022 Reading time approximately

The NSW Telestroke Service is now live at all 23 sites across NSW, providing life-saving stroke treatment to people across the state. We celebrate this milestone and highlight why the service is so valuable for clinicians and patients.

Since launching in March 2020, the NSW Telestroke Service has helped more than 2,300 patients across NSW. The service provides 24/7 access to stroke diagnosis and treatment, connecting local doctors to specialist stroke physicians using video consultation.

Telestroke’s success is thanks to clinicians and teams across local health districts collaborating with the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), Prince of Wales Hospital, eHealth NSW and the Ministry of Health to implement the service and deliver improved health outcomes and experiences for patients.

The experience for local doctors

For doctors Rachel and Ben James, husband-and-wife rural generalists at Deniliquin Hospital, Telestroke’s virtual model of care harnesses and increases specialist skills.

“From a clinical perspective, we are able to dissolve the barriers that have been placed by traditional care... and get definitive management guided by a specialist,” explains Dr Ben James.

“We are able to make an assessment in a very quick timeframe.”

You're not alone - it's just that your team is virtual.

Dr Rachel James, Deniliquin Hospital

Dr Rachel and Dr Ben James: Deniliquin

Video produced by the Ministry of Health

Pam was treated for stroke close to home

Pam was feeling well when she turned up for her usual volunteer shift one morning in Deniliquin. “I was a normal active person, and within five minutes I was not,” recalls Pam, after experiencing a sudden stroke.

Pam and Terry’s story: Deniliquin

Video produced by the Ministry of Health

Pam went by ambulance to Deniliquin Hospital where the emergency department suspected a stroke. Using the NSW Telestroke Service they connected with Professor Ken Butcher, a stroke specialist located in Sydney, via video consultation.

“Pam is the reason we do this,” says Professor Ken Butcher, Medical Director of the NSW Telestroke Service.

The service brings state-of-the-art assessment and treatment tools to patients in their home communities.

Professor Butcher, NSW Telestroke Service

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