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31 Oct 2022 Reading time approximately

The network would like to acknowledge and thank Professor Greg Fulcher, who has completed a three-year term as Medical Co-Chair.

Professor Fulcher, along with co-chairs Elizabeth Obersteller and Irene Kopp, led the network’s involvement in two Leading Better Value Care initiatives and contributed to other network-driven projects.

As clinical lead of the Diabetes COVID-19 Community of Practice, Professor Fulcher also led the network’s response to the pandemic, including the development of vital resources and guidance documents.

Professor Fulcher remains a valuable network member, currently sitting on several working groups.

The network welcomes Professor N Wah Cheung as the new Medical Co-Chair. Professor Cheung is the Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Westmead Hospital, Western Sydney Local Health District.

Professor Greg Fulcher

Professor N Wah Cheung

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