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18 Feb 2022 Reading time approximately

New online service directory

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Transition Working Group has developed an online service directory. It includes details of some of the IBD services that support adolescents and young adults across NSW. Services can be added by contacting us.

Recent transition experiences

The network would like to hear from young people with chronic conditions and carers about their recent transition experiences. People can complete the survey online. The important perspectives and experiences shared with the network will help us identify ways we can improve the transition process.

Text: How can we better support young people movign to adult health services? Image: Illustration of various young people

Join our network

Involvement from clinicians, patients and carers can make a significant difference to advancing transition care practices to ensure the best outcomes for young people. Access information, resources and the latest events by joining our network.

Learn more or contact the Transition Care Network.

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