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Brain Injury Rehabilitation Network

26 Apr 2022 Reading time approximately

  • A new digital resource is available for clinicians, health services, funders and insurers about understanding brain injury specialist rehabilitation. It outlines how integrating rehabilitation, care and community services can lead to the best patient outcomes.
  • An overview of Measuring outcomes in brain injury rehabilitation programs in NSW has been published. This includes patient outcome tools currently used in specialised rehabilitation services. It outlines the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System® (PROMIS®) measures currently collected, as well as the additional standardised clinical tools used across the services.
  • The ACI’s rehabilitation networks will deliver a ‘train the trainer’ workshop on 5 May on  person-centred rehabilitation planning.
  • With the retirement of Barby Strettles and Marion Fisher, we would like to welcome Dianne Croker as our new Brain Injury Rehabilitation Directorate (BIRD) Network Manager. Dianne has experience in rehabilitation following serious injury, an understanding of serious injuries from other perspectives, such as icare NSW, and has worked in Sydney, Brisbane and the United Kingdom.

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