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26 Oct 2021 Reading time approximately

  • The transition palliative care resources are now available. The resources provide palliative care information and support to families, carers and clinicians as young people transition to adult health services.
  • The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Transition Working Group continue to collect information on IBD services in NSW and the transition experiences of clinicians and consumers (Survey now closed):
    • The data collected will help improve young people’s transition journey.
    • The surveys will be open until the end of November.
    • A transition booklet supporting young people with IBD has been drafted and is available to review on the network’s SharePoint site. Please send any feedback to
  • Following feedback from network members last year, the Transition Care Network’s executive has been updating the Key Principles for Transition:
    • The principles are for clinicians and managers working with young people as they transition to adult health services.
    • A draft can be found on the network’s SharePoint site. Share your feedback using comments and track changes and email or complete the feedback survey.
    • Feedback is open until the end of December and a revised version will be circulated for final consultation in early 2022.
    • The document will become a digital resource (which can be printed, as required).
  • The network recently held two webinars for teachers and support staff from public, Catholic, and independent schools:
    • Information was provided about transition support services and resources for students and families.
    • More than 35 people attended, who provided positive feedback about the sessions.
    • The network hopes to hold these sessions annually.

Find out more and contact the Transition Care Network.

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