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30 Aug 2021 Reading time approximately

A new ACI General Practice Advisory Group (GPAG) has been appointed. The four new GPs to join the GPAG this month are:

  • Dr Penny Abbott
  • Dr Phoebe Holdenson Kimura
  • Dr Jaimie Navalli
  • Dr Michael Wright.

The ACI is committed to partnering with the primary healthcare sector and general practice to better integrate care and strengthen the voice of primary care across our networks. The GPAG plays a key role in this by:

  • applying a primary care lens to projects and initiatives across the ACI
  • providing strategic advice on emerging issues and opportunities to support integration of healthcare
  • providing clinical advice on day-to-day practice, processes and impacts.

Thank you to the GPs retiring from the GPAG for their dedicated service and significant contributions over many years:

  • Dr Paul Collett
  • Dr Nathan Lum
  • Dr Elizabeth Marles
  • Dr Diana O’Halloran
  • Dr Eloise Warren.

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