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30 Aug 2021 Reading time approximately

The ACI Nutrition Standards

The ACI Nutrition Standards review project has progressed. This has involved consultation with 127 key stakeholders, including clinicians, consumers, food service providers and industry partners who supply products for hospital menus.

Feedback has confirmed the standards are used by those involved in the design of NSW Health facility menus, and they help ensure food provided to inpatients is nutritious and of high quality.

Comments received during consultation will help identify areas in the standards that need updating – content update, removal and new topic suggestions were received.

The project’s next phase is to draft the revised standards and circulate it for targeted consultation in early 2022.

NSW Health Nutrition and Food Strategic Steering Group

The NSW Health Nutrition and Food Strategic Steering Group (SSG) is the peak multi-agency, governance group for nutrition in NSW. It is led by co-chairs Carmen Rechbauer, Chief Executive of HealthShare NSW and Dr Jean-Frédéric Levesque, Chief Executive of the ACI. The ACI Nutrition Network is the secretariat of the group.

The SSG is demonstrating success by promoting a collaborative approach to system focused nutrition, and food initiatives that benefit patients accessing NSW Health facilities. Focus areas for SSG initiatives include:

  • innovative and patient-centred food service delivery models
  • efficiency initiatives to manage food procurement and supply
  • providing safe, good quality and nutritious food to inpatients
  • strategies to manage food related clinical risks, in particular food allergy.

Working together helps:

  • balance clinical needs with consideration to service providers' operational needs
  • provide good food which meets the therapeutic needs of inpatients.

Learn more and contact the Nutrition Network.

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