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State Spinal Cord Injury Service (SSCIS)

27 Apr 2021 Reading time approximately

  • The Spinal Cord Injury Health Maintenance Toolkit is a comprehensive resource developed to help people with spinal cord injury understand and troubleshoot problems they may experience. The toolkit is split into five modules – pain, bladder, bowel, skin and autonomic dysreflexia. The project was funded by iCare and led by Professor James Middleton, Director of the NSW State Spinal Cord Injury Service, and Dr Mohit Arora from Sydney University. ACI has supported the toolkit by promoting it among our stakeholders.
  • Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment for Spinal Cord Injured Patients was a two-day course for health professionals held on 4-5 March at Royal North Shore Hospital. The course covered a range of topics, from a holistic multidisciplinary approach to prevention and management of pressure injuries. A wide range of clinicians across the state attended the course and feedback was positive. Experts in the field presented an evidence-based approach which clinicians found to be beneficial. The SCCIS will work with the Clinical Excellence Commission to develop policies relating to transport of people to minimise pressure area occurrence.
  • Danelle Collins, Head of Occupational Therapy at Prince of Wales Hospital, has volunteered to fill the position of co-chair of the SSCIS Clinical Development Committee while Jacqui Cornell is on leave.

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