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27 Apr 2021 Reading time approximately

Experience-Based Co-Design project

New resources are being developed as part of the Experience-Based Co-Design project to help improve the experience of people who are blind or have low vision when they are in hospital.

A conversation guide, blind and low vision patient resources and staff capability program were piloted by members of the community at three sites: Bankstown, Fairfield and Sydney Eye Hospitals. Feedback from staff and patients revealed the resources are useful for facilitating communication for the provision of individualised care and understanding patients’ needs.

As a result of the pilot, consumers commented on how they were acknowledged and treated as individuals. Staff found the structure helpful in tailoring a specific conversation to understand the needs of a patient who is blind or has low vision.

The final resources are currently being formatted to ensure accessibility for those who are blind or have low vision. They will be available to download from the ACI and Vision Australia websites.

NSW public ophthalmology eye clinics

Information has been updated on the ACI’s Ophthalmology Network web page, to include links to eye clinic referral criteria, templates and guidelines.

Welcomes and farewells
  • After many years as Network Manager for Ophthalmology and Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care, we farewell Sarah-Jane Waller who has taken a permanent position at the Ministry of Health. The executive committees extend their gratitude and thanks to Sarah-Jane’s valuable work, commitment and dedication to improving ophthalmology and anaesthesia and perioperative services; and the support she has given to help shape health initiatives in NSW.
  • We welcome Kerrie Martin as the Acting Manager for the Ophthalmology and Clinical Genetics Networks.
  • Michaela Ward is the Acting Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Network Manager.

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