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Aged Health Network

27 Apr 2021 Reading time approximately

  • The network has led the development of the recently published Aged health services model in NSW. It proposes an ideal model for NSW Health to deliver aged health services, with the aim of improving the care of older people. Three different service models are presented. The models reflect different aspects of aged health services in NSW, including tools to demonstrate the current and ideal aged health services requirements. We would like to thank and acknowledge the multidisciplinary input to the resource, as well as the involvement of consumers.
  • We extend our heartfelt thanks to outgoing Network Co-Chair (Nursing) Cath Bateman for her leadership and guidance with both the network and executive group during her years as Co-Chair, and as a key member of the executive and network prior to stepping into the position. Cath’s expertise with dementia and delirium were highly regarded. Her work with the Confused Hospitalised Older Persons (CHOPs) program and Volunteer Dementia and Delirium Care Implementation and training resources are critical to the aged health field. We wish Cath all the very best with her new research position within Southern NSW Local Health District.
  • We warmly welcome Allyson Waird as the Network Co-Chair (Nursing). Allyson is a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Northern Sydney Local Health District and brings many years of nursing and aged care experience to the network and executive group. We look forward to working with Allyson as the network strives to set its priorities for 2021 and beyond.

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