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myVirtualCare supports greater access to healthcare

23 Feb 2021 Reading time approximately

Since the statewide launch of myVirtualCare in September last year, around 14,500 consultations have occurred and almost 1,800 clinicians have used the videoconferencing platform. Training is also now available on how to use myVirtualCare.

myVirtualCare is a custom-built web-based videoconferencing platform that helps patients, healthcare providers and carers to access and manage care. First introduced in November 2019 and scaled up to support the NSW COVID-19 response, myVirtualCare was released across the state in September 2020.

myVirtualCare extends clinicians’ virtual capability, providing enhanced functionality that mimics clinical workflows. The virtual waiting room supports multiple consultations occurring simultaneously, with automatic notifications when patients enter, two-way chat and integration of a patient experience survey.

For patients, their families and carers, myVirtualCare provides a seamless and convenient way to access their clinical and social care providers using one web link on any internet-enabled device. It is supporting patients to access services such as cancer care, palliative care, nutrition and dietetics, pain, mental health, chronic and complex care, and speech and rehabilitation services.

Patients report that myVirtualCare is very easy to use and a great way to access their healthcare.

Since September 2020:

  • 14,440 consultations have occurred
  • 1,797 clinicians have provided care using the new platform
  • 211 clinical rooms have been established

More about virtual care

Learn how to use myVirtualCare

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) is currently running a series of training sessions for myVirtualCare. This training is an initiative of the Virtual Care Accelerator, a partnership between the NSW Ministry of Health, the ACI and eHealth NSW. The training has been developed by the ACI and is being delivered in partnership with training champions from local health districts and specialty health networks.

The one-hour sessions are available to all NSW Health staff and will cover everything you need to know to become a confident user of myVirtualCare. Two modules are available, covering user (basic) and coordinator (advanced) training.

Multiple sessions are available each day and up to 20 people can attend each session. To enrol in an online session, visit My Health Learning and search for ‘myVirtualCare’/Course Code 340114385.

For more information, please contact Stacey Hutchinson (Agency for Clinical Innovation):

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