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Consumer peer worker post seclusion collaborative review

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

Implementation of a post-incident review in collaboration with the consumer, peer workers and clinicians.

Post seclusion event briefing - to understand what took place proceeding, during and following the intervention.

Service targeted

Mental Health Unit, ISLHD

How was the project embedded within practice?

Peer worker checks Seclusion and Restraint Register for consumers who have been secluded or restrained in the past week.

Peer worker is provided a brief handover with nurse in charge, nurse unit manager or allocated nurse. Clinical handover includes any new insights of what is important to the consumer at a time of distress. The nurse unit manager or nurse in charge is responsible to inform the multidisciplinary team, prompting a collaborative review of the care plan from the new information received.

Consumer involved in the intervention is offered a collaborative review with the peer worker. Consumer determines whether this may be helpful for them at this time (they can agree or refuse). Consumer’s decision is documented within the consumer’s medical record.

The purpose of the collaborative review is to explore other interventions that may have helped to alleviate the consumer’s distress. This also includes understanding how things could have been done differently and whether a Safety Plan was developed with the consumer.

A monthly Seclusion and Restraint Committee meeting is held.

What worked well?

Provided the opportunity to check in with the consumer, reflect on clinical practice, review decisions and support shared decision-making in addressing consumers ongoing care needs.


Post Incident Interview by Consumer Peer Workers – Sample Interview Questions